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What is Electric Car and How to make electric car conversion ?

What is Electric Car and How to make electric car conversion ?

Is that possible to make electric car conversion ?

Now there are electric vehicles on the roads.
What is electric car what is the electric car conversion ?!

Electric car is use Electric Energy instead of Gas.
Conver the gas energy to electric energy for running a car.
Let's say it easily:
when your car run out of gas , then you have to go to gas station and replenish the gas and pay for it.
Its the same, when your car run out of electric then you have to reloenish the
electric energy. But you can replenish your electric power anywhere anytime, even at your own home.
Just plug In and wait for charging. That's it. Yes that's really it, Very easy and simple.
That's what the electric car conversion is.
It sounds imazine.But that's true.Its not only save our pocket and also save our time and more convenience.

I do want to save my pocket and I want to same my time.
But how ?
Do I have to buy a new electric car ? and how much it is ?
Its usually about thousands dallors for a new electric car. If you have enough budget, of course you can do it.
But if you don't have the budget, you don't need to buy a new one either.

You can exactly make your own electric car conversion by yourself !!!
How ?
How do I make my electric car conversion ?

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