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Sharing Good Ideas-1 [Energy DIY]

This is the place that I put my experiences and the informations I got.
Come visit me,share yours here.just would like to let this place like a sharing platform some good place in the internet.

The first sharing is about [Electric Energy].
What energy do we need?
Where does it come from ?
How many does it cost ?
What does it use for ?
Can we live well if we don't have it with us ?

I think you all do know it.
The electric energy we need lifetime for TV,DVD,cars,microwave,phone,light ....etc.
I say it comes from naturely like wind,water,sun,trees. and then smart human let it become a real electric power for use with that.
Then,how many does it cost and can let us be happy with it, what's your opinions ?

Now all we people can not live without the energy as you all know.

how many source can we use it for making energy ? has any limit ?
I do think so.

How about let's build it by ourself.

Let the energy source become really useful and back to become a source again and again.

I have a idea for building energy by ourself is not only save your money but also save the world.

Take a look at it, It will show you how easy to DIY your own energy.
click here to see the detail

Time up for sharing this time , I will keep posting here ....
and look forward your sharing too.