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Service Business Manage-[Beauty System]

If you have your own service kind of business such like SPA,Massage,Hair cut,Weddig studio ...etc.

Is it easy to manage employees,staff's commission,product stock,commission for each staff,receive goods into stock control...etc ?

Sometimes,when the staff key in the case/exchange records by manual or other simple way ~ how easy could that be some mistakes without fully focus.

I have a program name Beauty System which design by myself.
It can help you manage all your service business very easily without key in mistakes.
It include

User authority control
Customer Booking
Customer Order
Check out
Staff commission by hours even with selling product's commission
Receive goods into stock
Stock adjust between different stocks
Member card management
Member card balance check
Member service status follow
Birthday reminding
And fully support via MSN,Skype,Email

Many functions as service business owner needed.
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